isn't this what you were looking for?

i think this might be the last blog post without capital letters. lordy, what is happening to me?

]] in brooklyn.

]] ja, if yr reading this, the zoo, a going is great. also i haven't done my pages fr battlefield yet. to anyone else reading this: the zoo, a going is great and you should read it since he's putting up a new chapter every day because he has that much love to give and by that much i mean 76 chapters worth and listen you already missed like 4. or 3. or 4. i haven't checked exactly.

]] still can't seem to get out of bed before ten

]] really need to go get groceries today. really hoping i stop dicking around and do it.

]] read scary, no scary. really liked it. there were a couple poems in the first section i thought weren't important, like reading them i felt it wasn't important to read them, that they wouldn't change anything, but they added something, i just wish they were things that on their own were better, a lot of this is also sort of stuff i wonder about my work since it's all designed to add up, so there's that too, but the second section was awesome and the next part was awesome and the pond was even better. I like Schomburg.

]]sort of also working on both bad bad by chelsey minnis and also this clumsy living by bob hicok. the first section of this clumsy living was awesome. the second was alright. the third is pretty good so far.

gene morgan and i were talking about bad bad's design the other week. i hadn't yet read it. i think the design is perfect. in that it's really obnoxious. and the font of the titles is really obnoxious. and i feel like that's the overall effect. like that's what she wanted. i mean the blurbs on the back are excerpted to seem exactly like the word bubbles on the back which read "childish!", "decadent!" and so yeah. good design work. in terms of the idea that how a book looks should interact with what the book is doing in a way that creates a complete thing.

]] also reading part of the world by robert lopez. which took like two days to get here. after i ordered it. calamari press does not fuck around people.

]] met gary lutz. he's from allentown. we talked about yacco's. made me miss yacco's. he claims gray's papaya on 8th and 6th is the closest i can find. i will check it out soon as i need to go to columbia to figure out how long it'll take anyway. hopefully one day i'll be visiting my parents and send gary lutz a facebook message and it'll turn out he's in allentown and we'll go to yacco's and it'll be fucking awesome.

]] i need to figure out what to do with the wall in front of my desk. there are some things on it. this will take some time.

]] feel weird about a lot of the poems i've written this month. feel like the book is changing. like it's a ship and some weird wind is hitting from out of nowhere and you can't tell if this is good or bad.


J. A. Tyler said...

thanks. and no worries on BF, we will get to it.

sasha fletcher said...

you are welcome and there are no worries don't you fret champ things here are alright and will continue to be so with some interruptions

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