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just finished reading WHEN ALL OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED MARCHING BANDS WILL FILL THE STREETS AND WE WILL NOT HEAR THEM BECAUSE WE WILL BE UPSTAIRS IN THE CLOUDS. it is vibrant, lovely, chaotic, and sprite. this needs to be the third novel(la) released from mud luscious press.

the details in brief:

we would like to release this in dec. 2010.

it will be sold directly for $12 (no shipping) or can be had for less if purchased as part of a subscription to either our mlp chapbook series or alongside ben brooks AN ISLAND OF FIFTY (scheduled for release june 2010). we cannot afford a batch of ISBN numbers at the moment, so this will not be distributed through amazon, spd or others, though we will most likely sell a dozen copies or so to powell's for those who don't want to buy directly from mlp.

we will send pre-release review pdf copies to as many places as we can, will set you up for interviews as well, and will keep WHEN ALL OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED in print as long as possible (instead of a limited edition run).

depending on the subscription base / demand, our initial run will most likely be between 100-200 copies, then we will print second, third, and other runs as new orders come in.

I hope this all sounds workable and good. give me the okay and I will shoot up all the new info to our website today including an excerpt, a release date, and an email contact for those who want to start thinking about reviews / interviews.

thanks again for sending this. we are really looking forward to having it,

j. a. tyler




Ben Brooks said...

well done,
it looks great.

send me an email if you get a chance, i would love to read it.


Pet & Gone said...

you are a winner. i will buy that.

davidpeak said...

Good job, Sasha. I just read the excerpt at MLP--really looking forward to this.

audri sousa said...

congrats, sasha. this sounds exciting. i will look forward to reading.

sasha fletcher said...

dear everyone,
thank you.

Mel Bosworth said...

don't know you, haven't really met you, but that IS awesome. congrats to you.

best, mel

Anonymous said...

sprite's not an adjective.

sasha fletcher said...

apparently sprite's not an adjective.

Egg Off-Kilter said...

congrats sasha. looking forward to reading this novella. maybe this weekend.

Kim Gek Lin Short said...

hooray sasha!!!!! we miss u in philly, sniff.

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