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from Octopus Books:

April Open Reading Period Results

After spending quality time with 350 manuscripts, we have chosen to
publish the following two titles in the fall of 2010:

Where We Think it Should Go by Claire Becker
People are Tiny in Paintings of China by Cynthia Arrieu-King


Post-Moxie by Julia Story (forthcoming from Sarabande Books)
Jerusalem by Susan Briante
Flag by Noah Eli Gordon (now titled Zeros to the Left forthcoming from
Quale Press)
Ghost Machine by Ben Mirov
If Nothing Else by Barbara Maloutas
Kings of the Fucking Sea by Dan Boehl
Our Little Oxygen Concert by Patrick Culliton
The Cold War by Kathleen Ossip
The Next Monsters by Julie Doxsee
Goat in the Snow by Emily Pettit
Everything Here is Ok by Sasha Fletcher
Fastopia! by Alex Phillips
Almost Dorothy by Neil de la Flor (forthcoming from Marsh Hawk Press)

The editors have also decided to publish selections from Our Little
Oxygen Concert by Patrick Culliton and Goat in the Snow by Emily
Pettit as chapbooks. We will again read manuscripts in April of 2010
to find a book to publish in the fall of 2011. So mark your calendars.

I found out about this from kathryn regina sending me a gchat at 930. I got home at 2.
Around 230 I managed to find a blog with the email above copied to it, after finally thinking to google sasha fletcher octopus finalist.
I more or less wept openly. Whatever. Rozi said I should let myself start being happy about good things that happen to me.
This is going to be one of those blog posts. Fuck me, right? Weeping and shit.
Anyway. I feel really good about this. I really and genuinely did not believe that I had any shot at all at this.
Still waiting to hear from Black Ocean.
Considering sending to Fence and Graywolf. I know they take a while, but fuck it. Amelia told me a secret about dealing with the MFA experience and that secret was that I have all the time in the world to do this shit.

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Now that we are so far away, I will have to keep up with your blog.

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