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short adventures with ghosts

Inside the closet there was a bird and it was moving its wings and it was perfectly still.
In its beak was a note and the note asked if this was what you were looking for.
There was no way to answer the note.
There was no way to close the closet.
You could hear the bird from every room in the house.
You could hear it in the floorboards.
Outside there was a cloud.
It was full of birds.
It swallowed them whole and it moved away.
These are the ways i have missed you.


I put a sheet over the kitchen table.
I put a sheet over the chairs.
I wrapped all of the silverware in a sheet.
I put a sheet over the cabinets.
I put a sheet over the bird.
I put a sheet over the floorboards.
While you slept I put a sheet over you and I tucked it in.
I put a sheet over the house.
The sheets were a note.
The note was to tell you that I cannot pretend to be a ghost today.
The note was to say that the clouds were coming.
And then they came.


There was a room and the room was covered in clocks.
The face of each clock was a note.
All the words on the notes kept moving.
One day I smashed every clock with a hammer.
The letters stopped moving.
I picked them up.
All the words fell off of the notes and onto the floor,
where they slipped through the floorboards and they became birds
and they stayed there forever.



person said...

the middle one seems strong

Egg Off-Kilter said...

these are all striking. The second one builds really nicely and then kind of breaks with this beautiful and moving line: The note was to tell you that I cannot pretend to be a ghost today. In the third poem, I like that you changed the punctuation of the last three lines.

Anonymous said...

encore, encore.

BlogSloth said...

If I was Sarah, I would say line edit then move on. Quit writing shit you know how to write. Jesus, you are good. Quit posting good poems.

Go further.

my 2.3 cents


sasha fletcher said...

manguso demanded to know if i had earned the use of the word forever.
at the end of class it was sill undetermined if i had.

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