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If I could fuck a mountain Lord, I would fuck a mountain

haven't done one of these in forever.
grad school is hard work.
there is a research paper i am supposed to be doing
instead of doing it i've been making massive revisions to everything here is ok which i am really excited about. i cannot remember the last time i was this excited about the book. probably when i finished it. but then i started what i thought was going to be the second book [i cannot pretend to be a ghost today] [which i ended up gutting the shit out of and turning the first third or so into a chapbook i feel pretty good about] and then i wrote the novella, and went back to ghost, and then school started.

my writing is changing a bit. which is good. i have a pretty solid idea about the book these poems are going to become.

here's the new table of contents for everything here is ok

table of contents

the great train robbery
talking about ghosts
these days i barely get by
i think i’d like to go back home
please leave the lights on
great big boat

it is gonna rain
i told you so
before the flood
oh lord how i love that wide open space
tomorrow is another day
here comes the chopper to chop of your head
back in the saddle
you have nothing to worry about
i was adrift
i had no way of knowing if that was right

you have nothing to worry about
can’t you hear me knocking
everything was very calm
the open road
i went to the roof with a beer and waited for the sun to set
all the tired horses
ernest hemingway
these stars like so many low flying planes
oh great something else we agree on
i got worries i got troubles
send me the money you owe me
stick to the promise that you made to me
certain bodies of water

flooding in nineteen ninety-three and its imminent return
there is a darkness on the edge of town
some facts about the flood
these waters are rising
here is another one about the water
some facts about whales

i was in the house when the house burned down and we all got out and everything was better
it’s raining
land of hope and dreams
hard times
i have been trying hard
today the sky was pink and yellow and then it wasn’t
on the good ship

the sky was like a lake it swallowed you
today will be a good day
yesterday it was warmer and also it rained
when i lay my burdens down
dinner for two
now what do you say about that
and o how that cold wind blows
out there in the wide world
as we lay awake
one bourbon in a glass please thanks
and if i die on top of the hill
when i came to i was flat on my back and it was raining out of a low sky and the tide was way out

anyway. thinking about calling the new thing i can see your bones from here. we'll see.
but the things in it seem to be:
bones [walking out of the mouth and walking around, mostly sort of dancing]
birds [oh, all sorts of things with those]
burials [digging holes in the ground mostly]
ghosts [more talked about really. thinking about trying to write a thing called an attempt at a comprehensive guide to ghosts, which would be a bunch of poems trying to do just that.]
notes [found places, set on fire, stitched to an upright arm as a mast, as a means of communicating, generally though they tend to be found. even if they are sent, they never really are directly sent from one person to another.]


but we'll see about the boats thing.
lord knows.

finally got viva last blues.
no idea what the fuck i've been doing these past 14 years.

4 week fellowship to the vermont studio center in july.
gonna spend two weeks trying hanging out with gary lutz by talking about hot dogs.
other two weeks writing constantly and avoiding marilyn hacker.


Anonymous said...

It is very interesting for me to read this post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read more soon.

Reynard said...

there's a lot to talk about with hot dogs.

Anonymous said...
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bmirov said...

rad. gonna read the new one.

James said...

really really like these new pomes dude. these are sweet. liking the changes.

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