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door to door

The book has been showing up door to door. Which feels pretty awesome.

If you happen to read it, I'd really appreciate you rating it on goodreads or writing a blog post about it. You know about blogs right? The New York Times does too.

Also, people have been taking pictures with the book. I will post some of them. If you take a picture of yourself with the book I will post it here. If you want, I will send you a pdf of some stories I wrote once. A bunch of them are pretty funny at times. I might maybe write another novella or longer type thing using some of them. So that could be some neat ground floor type shit, right?

I should also really listen to High Violet more. And James Brown. Please Please Please is pretty awesome. It really is.

Other things that are awesome include Skyler and I signing an apartment lease tonight which means that not only will I have a home when I get back from Vermont in August [and that I will need to leave for Vermont the day after I move] but that I will have an awesome home with enough room for an office so for the first time since I started doing homework somewhere other than the kitchen table I will no longer sleep in the same room that I work in and that feels like the coolest fucking thing ever.

Other things included in that list are those air conditioners that are already installed in the wall when you move in. And have a fucking washer and dryer in the building.

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