isn't this what you were looking for?

i need to make a list of what books to bring with me to vermont.

so far probably

pee on water
objects for a fog death
battlefield where the moon says i love you
mlp first year
no planets strike
27 props for a production of eine leibenzeit
scary no scary
the man suit
holy land
poe to the present an anthology of american prose poetry
my 5 dalkey books plus europeana
kamby bolongo mean river
whole bunch of greying ghost chaps
maybe not knowing and the teachings of don b
if i get a hold of them, airships and bats out of hell

i don't know. one month. no idea what i might need in order to figure things out.
will post final list eventually.


Michael Filippone said...

Hey Sasha,
I'm reading When All Our Days Are Numbered right now, really enjoying it.

What 5 Dalkeys did you get? I thought Europeana was great. I want to read Ourednik's new one.

sasha fletcher said...


i got:
the other city
butcher's tales
geometric regional novel

europeana is amazing. need to reread. really want to pick up the new one at some point too. it sounds awesome.

Eric Beeny said...

Hi Sasha,

Just wanted to say I just finished 'When All Our Days Are Numbered...' and it's great. Keep it up...

Michael Filippone said...

Nice. I read geometric regional novel in march. I liked it a lot. And I've had nightwork on my shelf, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

I got five also:
the other city
the balcony of europe
anonymous celebrity
news from the empire
terra nostra

davidpeak said...

oh man nightwork is good

Jon Cone said...

I'm going to Montpelier, VT tomorrow and I'm taking Pessoa's Book of Disquiet for the 17 hour bus trip, with stops in Chicago, Cleveland, Boston.

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