isn't this what you were looking for?

want to move tomorrow/ oh well

fixing up poems. ate pie for breakfast. need to read more.

girlfriend found a tick or mite on the wall of the place in midtown. want more than ever to move. need to go back to bushwick and pack and clean and get started on all of that.

went to a friend's for dinner last night. as we got there he had gotten himself into trouble.

he was baking this amazing bread it was three different baguettes one was regular one had cured meats on top and rolled into it and the other had kalamata olives on top and rolled into it and so anyway he decided he'd read on the internet that setting the oven to clean got the temperature up really high and but so then it was harder to stop things because it locks the door of the oven and so but it was all ok and the door magically unlocked as we were going to flip all the switches on the unlabeled fuse box in hopes of fixing something.

then we ate this amazing lamb ragu that was made from hand ground lamb and lamb stock and mushrooms and mint and i think ricotta all reduced into this thick creamy ragu with ground lamb chunks and it was amazing.

anyway the moral is don't cook things on clean and also you can probably fix a bad poem some of the time and other times it is just a bad poem and so what throw it out don't do it again there you go lesson learned.

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