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i need to get back into exercising

today i built the couch. right now skyler is in a box sailing across the kitchen. tomorrow i will show you what that looks like. a few minutes ago we ran the toaster oven to burn off what was in it. we did. it is gross. it smells like burnt synthetic gross stuff and also the smoke alarm went off and we are terrible neighbors but also i do not care. i need some pants tapered. i started two poems today. one is called TORCH SONG and the other might be called ABIDE WITH ME. skyler just said I AM A BIG PIECE OF LAME POOP but i am pretty sure that was her speaking for me, and not an actual declarative statement on her part. she says that i suck. that this fact surprises no one. one cannot argue with facts. this: is a fact.


DJ Berndt said...

Congrats on the couch. When will we see some new stuff from you?

sasha fletcher said...

There's a piece in the next Unsaid, but it's an edit of an excerpt from the novella. There's a new poem in the next Annalemma. There's another new one in the latest WE ARE CHAMPION. Vinyl has some poems from EVERYTHING HERE IS OK, which I'm still trying to get published. Beyond that, we'll see? Been getting some rejections. Haven't been sending out a lot though. Mostly just learning to write a little differently. We'll see?
Also, really, thank you for asking. Hope yr well.

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