isn't this what you were looking for?

oh this and that

wrote two poems since i got back. mostly i've been building furniture. on the other hand, i've done massive amounts of rewrites on other poems and also the two new ones are i think pretty good. the are called ABIDE WITH ME and also TORCH SONG.

things are alright here. time to make lunch here. been reading and rereading 31 poems by dean young. first time i ever got excited about dean young. i am excited by a lot of this book. some of it not so much at all. but a lot of it. reading and rereading CRUSH and NO PLANETS STRIKE. these books are probably going to guide me through this thesis a lot. reading a lot of emily pettit and ben mirov. have you been reading emily pettit and ben mirov? this is a legitimate question.


Pet & Gone said...

i just looked up emily pettit and she is extra awesome

sasha fletcher said...

i know right????

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