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we talk when we don't or sometimes we say

he was sitting in a minivan with thom (soft t-h) when ada called to ask where they were. thom said huh oh we're well not there yet, and there was a silence that was the kind you can hear and feel.

so when ada tells him that she's been waiting for half an hour, told him when she would be getting in and had a fucking plane to catch and was only coming by to say hi because he'd needled her into it, when she tells him this thom really is not sure what to say. none of us are, really. this is a conversation you have because you feel obligated, and no one likes to feel obligated. we get them over with as quickly as possible and pass them to the right, and allen happens to be to the right so the phone is his.

a week later he's calling her up one morning to remind her to go pick up her medication, which is for her allergies or her bad back or her big ass or her pliable teeth or her stomach parasties if that's even what they are or her farts. or for that sharp point you hit when you have to make a decision that means one thing or another.

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joli said...

keep going! i am warmly amused

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