isn't this what you were looking for?

chad and i are working on this thing and here are some things i did for it

One day I will believe in something greater than what I see in front of me
I will be happy and understand my place in the world.

One day I will be a great man
people will come to me to speak on all sorts of things I never even went to school for.

One day I will have a job I feel is appropriate to my abilities
I will get up every day and go to work and I will come home and continue to work
because it will really be just that cool.

One day I won’t be so serious.
I will understand that everything dies baby that’s a fact and that maybe one day everything that dies comes back.

One day I will have constant faith in the indomitable power of the human spirit
I will attach no rider clauses about how mankind is inherently flawed.
I will simply end doubt.

One day we will all wake up and all our hang-ups will function like their name and just go away.
I will not call or text or email so much and worry people will forget why they liked me anyway.
I will give of myself more sensibly.

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