isn't this what you were looking for?

something about hospital beds, and good intentions

what lead us here?
gps & text messages
google maps & wikipedia

I drop names like there’s a hole in my pocket
and it’s full of names.

“you should always keep a fresh pair of socks, no matter what”
I’m sure someone’s said this before
but that doesn’t make it any less so,

and “these days I use the lord’s prayer as a means of drowning out all the little things
instead of sleeping
I can’t tell if it works or I just get tired of the bickering”

and I heard tell of a youth movement in the north
that may have moved so far in that direction
that it is now south
(I’m sure I read about this sort of thing before)
they have seen the face of the father in the pbr tall boy
in the sweaty mustache,
in the backwards motion of a fixed gear bicycle

this is not an indictment,
this is reporting.

you know there is a war every second
there is one going on on this very page,

and like katie couric,
as I tell you this, my eye contact rarely wavers

and sometimes it’s not a matter of choosing sides
as much as it is walking in between the bombs
through shelled sidewalks and smoke ringed building tops

but don’t let that stop you
from taking a stand
on anything you see.

like the man says
“It's hard to find the news in poetry,
but men die every day for lack of what is found there.”


j o l i said...

i love your writings.

Ari said...

Hi Sasha!

I am finally reading your poems. You are being accompanied by Moondog. I am particularly fond of the line about not so much taking sides as stepping between bombs... I'm paraphrasing. Also, I appreciate the quote; I believe it's Williams? Anyway, good Sunday morning reading. I'll talk to you soon.

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