isn't this what you were looking for?

i have reason to believe that we all will be redeemed in graceland.

I want to stuff you in a garbage bin until it's time for me to find you again

I want to place continents between me and everything that matters
just to see what happens

I want a cigarette and I want a beer,
I want a split wet beaver to stick my rock hard dick in
because sometimes I feel like that building that says 'boner 4ever'
or the people who sleep in the cars with the seats rolled down, and write out secret reports in the language that occurs between radio stations,

I want to write you very important notes and keep them in my head
because it's never the message it's always the act,

(let's dynamite something soon and spend time in an aquarium
eating all sorts of things wrapped in bacon.)

you should know I want to drench you in milk and honey,
because I am told they are comforting.

you should know I have written my best work in my sleep,
I hope it stays there.

there are sounds coming from the garbage bins
I am growing impatient,
I am shopping for the dynamite

you should know that in this light the buildings are mountains, the fog is ringing them,

that off in the distance, we see something on the horizon,
we have taken to the streets,
we have thrown our wants to the ground,
where the wind will blow them in the face of what’s coming,
because there is a wind now,
and everyone has a jacket.
and everyone has got to be ready.

did you remember that everything is good here?
will you please come home?

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