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i am starving!

i talked to my brother the other day i said
oh how is he
he’s fine he just said he never wants to have to read
or write anything or ever think about anything ever again.
so midterms were rough she said
no i said he says he doesn’t have any tests. just papers. and talking.
oh. that is what she said. oh. oh well.
i know that one day she will come home
and break all of my limbs. that she will take me to the beach
and we will get swallowed by a whale there
and inside its belly i will make us a home
and everything there will be safe
and a little damp. we are used to the damp, i think.
the sink is damp the washer is damp, but not the dryer.
oh the dryer. i am thinking about pinocchio i say
is it because you are worried you are not yet a real boy she says
yes i say. that is exactly it.

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