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you were in a dream i had last night

“Last night I dreamed that I dug a big hole in the backyard and I sat down inside it. I think it was gonna be a well. Or something. Or an underground cabin. With a periscope. I could have built one of those too. I lay down.
I looked up and there were all these deer upside down and moving. The hole had turned into a well, or something. I was looking down a tunnel. Or not. I don’t know. Sometimes you start to remember something and there were fireflies except they had light bulbs for asses and it wasn’t like they were light bulbs it was that they were.”
“Where was I,” she said.
“You are right here. You were right here. You were I don’t know. I made bricks using my spit. I had to pee very badly but I didn’t. It was cold. I was worried my penis would freeze. Or the pee would freeze and the ice would make its way back up into my body and I would freeze to death from the inside out and the deer would make popsicles out of my insides.”
“You are very strange,” she said.

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