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got home an hour ago. getting up in 6 hours to go to work. am buying myself a pie after i get there, and eating it all morning. it's going to be great.
yknow what else is great? marathons on usa. for real. i can't stop. which is not accurate. i will not stop.

i'm getting a story published in the next issue of gigantic. i am really excited about this. i think their first issue was really pretty. it was slammin.

going to make an eye appointment tomorrow. need new fucking glasses. hot damn.

been working massive amounts on a piece for the lamination colony thing.

i am going to share the first five parts right now

we are going to get paid and then we will dress for the weather

I was thinking of heaven or at least of the upstairs outside. I was thinking of taking a nap and just curling up on the ground and letting a good stiff breeze blow me on upstairs. I was thinking of being carried off by balloons.

I was carried off by a string of balloons.

I went on down the road. The sky was a picture of a lake. I put it in a glass and drank it. It was the best water I’d ever had. This is, I decided, the big deal about heaven. A choir of angels swooped in. They had trumpets.

When I came to, I was sitting in a chair in the yard.

Where is this going she asked me. I folded her into an airplane and sent her on her way. Then I missed her. Then I built a fire in my belly and when it came out it came out as something else, and it galloped and it brayed and it shook itself loose of me and of everything.

feel really good about this. feel really weird about this. have always felt really clear about whether or not i am writing a story or a poem. not so much. i think it started to rain. i am really glad i am getting a ride to work tomorrow. going to gril some mahi mahi and do a little pomegranate reduction. it better not rain while i'm grilling. please.

there's a reading at my house with ca conrad and ryan eckes. and me. friday night. i am really excited for this. i am going to try to film it and then post it on the internet, where most things are free.

on saturday i am going to see "up" and i am pretty stoked. people flying off with balloons? ed asner? fuck yes.

been reading vera & linus by jesse ball. it's great. been periodically reading poems from ron padgett's how to be perfect. which has been good. there is a longer poem in it called "method" that was really helpful for linking longer things. for leaps.

i've been working really hard at finding ways to surprise myself. which isn't exactly it. that was shane's way of saying it i think. i've been trying to find ways to work so that i don't get bored. i used to not be able to finish things. i just couldn't keep up giving a shit. and nowssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

whoops. dramatic point in burn notice. lost track of my finger that. and now i do. it's harder than it was. i don't know. i don't know how much anyone cares, but i am reassured by the fact that most people probably don't read this. so. it's been more about finding ways to stay invested. making it so that i have to figure out how to do it all over again each time. i don't know. i'm tired now.

good night!
good luck!

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