isn't this what you were looking for?

dollar store diamonds fr eyeballs ya hearddd

finished the first draft of my story fr the dollar show tour
anyone that can't make it to national mechanics at 9pm on monday july 13 can feel free to email me fr a copy of the story.
these are two pictures of my item.

here is an excerpt

burning the air between here and there

I took out the garbage. Then I took out the recycling. The paper had to have a lid on it. The plastic did not. The garbage men came. I sat on the stoop waiting. What are you doing with all of that I asked. We are he said Building you a beach with it.

This seemed hard to believe.

There was a cop in the back yard again. He was trying to build a deck. But he didn’t have any wood. I had no idea what he was trying to hammer together back there. Hey I said. Scoot.

Failing that I told him to grow me an ocean. I told him I heard they were building us a beach. What I asked Did he think of that?

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