isn't this what you were looking for?

thinking seriously about cutting this from the book

do not bother me when i am in my airplane suit

don’t take all night

I will fight the army and the navy. I will get rid of all the birds. I will be surrounded by all the balloons that were ever blown up and I will never go into the sky ever again. I will pull thunderclouds from out your stomach until something changes. I will break the steamboat into a million floorboards and steam clouds and we will see what happens. I will walk down the road until my feet have worn away and I will end up at our house which will have been moved overnight or all the houses were moving in one direction while I was moving in another. I will hang from the trees with all sorts of fruits and I will wait for you to come out and pluck me down. I will make a rainbow with my face. I will even clean the windows.

when i go away

There was an ache inside of me. I put it in a tree. The tree ached right open at the roots and fell in half. I planted the pieces in the steamboat. It needed a mast anyway. Or whatever. A chair and a window. That’s what I planted them to grow into. In the steamboat. I sat in the chair. The chair was like a horse. I began to ache again. I ached right open. I was carried away by countless birds. They dropped me right off the edge of the earth, where all the water goes. I came out of the bathtub. You were taking a bath. I was right in your lap. Hey I said. I am going to put you in a light socket and keep you there until you learn your place she said. I said I will place you in a drawer so that when I get back I will always know where you are. Come here she said and I did.

even the dirt was electric

I was thinking about sleeping I was thinking about eating I was thinking about feeling and how that could become electric. I was thinking about being halfway to some other land and I was. I was in a drawer. I was your old teeth. I was nailed to the wall like a memory. Like a way of remembering things. I was a memory. I was a way of remembering things. I was electric.

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