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ruh roh raggy

my girlfriend says my blog posts make me seem sad.
well motherfucker i am not sad!
not one bit!
tonight i ate mint chip ice cream in bed! and it was delicious! i may even have more!
except that then i would have to walk to the kitchen and get it, and i am getting tired, like a pussy, or a little bitch, or, well, somehow coward and yellow are synonymous with having a vagina or a cooter and also maybe asians too. luckily for everyone, my girlfriend will go do it for me. right now. because she loves me! she said i have to tell you, the internet, that she is only doing it because she loves me. i made dinner tonight and did all the dishes in her apartment, so i mean, i do things sometimes too. but i am being gotten and served ice cream right now. delicious mint chip ice cream!

also sleepingfish 8 is out and it looks great!

see how great it is???

all this can be yours for twelve dollars!




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skyler said...

there you go! i am glad about this.

& you know what.

we will have coffee tomorrow morning. & i am glad & excited about this too.

thank you for doing the dishes. i am glad the internet knows how we feel about each other. & that we can quantify our love through household tasks.

we should probably sleep soon. just sayin'

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