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the other night i went to crack an egg to use in making chicken parm but when i went to crack it there was resistance and i realized the egg felt pretty solid and i freaked out.

i left a bowl with a small amount of spaghetti next to my computer last night while i was editing the novella.

the bowl was a present for [i am pretty sure] a wedding my mom never had, and i had a whole set of these bowls and plates and little plates with this sort of flower plant thing going on in yellow and white with sort of yellower flowers and blue and green leaves and it looks great but over time i have lost most of these dishes and this makes me not so much sad as not happy.

made some serious cuts to the novella. by "made some serious cuts to the novella" i mean j.a. cut out a recurring series of phone calls and after reading it twice each way and sleeping i read it again each way this morning i realize he is right. BUT. GUESS WHAT:

i am going to rework the excised portion into a separate companion piece and we will include it with all pre-orders. if this changes, the information about all this will disappear, but i thought it was pretty neat and that i would share it with whoever reads this, which i am assuming is not many people as it's real rare i get answers to my how are you doing questions.

this is not to be all boo hoo hoo nobody reads my blog i am so so sad. because really if we were worried about if people were interested in what we said, probably most of us wouldn't write or talk or anything, not to say this is a bad idea, just to say that it's not so much the central concern here.

read a lot of TYPICAL by padgett powell last night. need to read some barry hannah at some point, but i don't know where to start. my dad always told me to read bats out of hell.

i also need to do some laundry as i am all out of clean underwear.

also that poem i talk about down there, it's called SHIPBUIDLING and the motherfucker is going to take me a good long while to figure out what to do with.

here is something really neat that tim donnelly said to me about me
I like the whole thing very much but think the 3rd and 4th sentences are a little too wordy. I know how your work gains from a strange fusion of simplicity and repetition and a strange way of revealing the most important information in a sentence via not main but dependent clauses (The duck quacked on the lake that I drowned in on purpose because you didn't say hi to me when I walked down the street Hitler used to live on). Still I think I'd advocate for something perter at the start. Like so or something:

I was standing outside waiting to see what the sky would fall into when it fell into the hole I’d dug which was a dark ditch on white ground because the ground was covered in thick wet snow.

A fog or mist or cloud piped up from the ground as if a village of chimneys were buried in that snow and it rose into the sky and that’s where it stayed.

which feels maybe like i am trying to say look how great he thinks i am, but really it was the whole hitler thing as an example for what i would say that seemed, yknow, neat and adorable. lord knows.

well i am coughing up hard green phlegm so i will stop this post.


DJ Berndt said...

Good idea about the pre-order addition.

When you decide what to read by Barry Hannah, let me know. I may read it, too.

Phlegm is a real post-stopper.

sasha fletcher said...

definitely reading bats out of hell. wondering about ray and also captain maximus.

anyone got any suggestions?

gkwak said...

start with airships, go to ray, then captain maximus if you can find it. move then to bats out of hell and high lonesome. either between maximus and bats or directly after bats and hell, go to geronimo rex and yonder stands your orphan. hey jack! never die/boomerang (these are in a single edition now) nightwatchmen and the tennis handsome are all good but not as necessary. it's mostly the stories and rex, yonder and ray. i say to do it this way because barry's stories along with ray were his best work and also you can see the sentential progression as he moves along. working under his own power vis-a-vis working under lish, he gets more expansive, a bit breathier but still, completely, barry. this happens with the lish-ites. my two cents.

sasha fletcher said...

thanks gene

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