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]]re-packing. organizing. building furniture. ordered bad bad and poemland. ordered quaker guns. they are going to my new apartment. in brooklyn. where i am moving to tomorrow. by tuesday i will be a resident. of the apartment. there are a few more things i need to do before i can become a real resident. they involve measurements. more than that i'm not sure i can say.

]]how is everyone doing? is everyone ok? has anyone read anything good? i just read zirconia by chelsey minnis. i'm not sure exactly how i feel about it, other than that it seems important. to me. that it's right now just sitting in my stomach and at some point when i'm not ready it'll get digested and all sorts of things will come out all sorts of places.

]]i have an excerpt ready for sleepingfish. i have a poem thing. i am freaking out a bit about gary lutz and derek white reading my sentences. whatevs. will do line edits again soon to make sure shit is right. as right as i can get it, which is sort of wrong.

]]saw thumbsucker last night. really enjoyed it. been getting a lot of writing done recently.

]]will start posting some of the emails ja tyler and i have been doing about the battlefield where the moon says i love you. i don't know that anyone will be much interested. it's basically us making sure we keep doing it, with HOLY SHIT LOOK WHAT THIS FUCKER JUST DID I WANT TO CRY I AM SO HAPPY moments occurring with sporadic constance. if that's not a real word i made it one.

]]applying for a new bank account. student accounts for life.

]]does anyone read this? more importantly when was the last time you felt in awe of something?

]]the other day i woke up and it felt like there was a small bomb in my heart. that was weird.


DJ Berndt said...

Thumbsucker is good.

I read your blog.

sasha fletcher said...

dj how is everything

ryan said...

rocket science > thumbsucker

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